5 iPhone Apps for Managing Your Finances

5 iPhone Apps for Managing Your Finances

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Since the release of the iPhone, many people have found convenience with the apps that work with it. Whether for your business or for your travel itineraries, there are many benefits you can get from these recently released apps. For your business needs, here are the top 5 iPhone apps for managing your finances:

1. Spend Lite
This iPhone app will help you stick to a budget. Since this is usually easier said than done, this app helps you set five weekly budgets for your food, entertainment and for your leisure activities. It can even show you how much is left for you to spend.

2. Bill4Time Mobile
This iPhone app is a great help when it comes to tracking time. It is especially beneficial to freelancers who rely on cash flow. Aside from having the ability to help you with efficient invoicing, this free add-on also helps you track the time you’ve spent on a project (including travel time & labor). It also tracks the incurred expenses, the notes relevant to the project as well as the scheduled tasks which can be converted to completed time entries.

3. Bloomberg LP
This iPhone app is currently the most popular among other finance apps in the iPhone store. Aside from the fact that it is extremely useful, it is also free to download. This app works very well for people who have stock investments and those who are tracking stocks prior to buying. It features share prices, news and volume related to stocks as well as a 2 week summary chart.

4. Tripometer Mileage Log
This iPhone app is for tracking miles and what the trip is for. It also helps you track who you met and the length of time you travelled. Simply put, it gives you everything you need to be able to claim that mileage. Another built in feature is the easy set up of your favorite destinations, including details on the destination and origin. It can also export trips that you can utilize with a spreadsheet application. Last but not the least, it provides email reports over to your finance manager.

5. Currency
This iPhone app helps you determine the exact exchange rate. It is especially beneficial to those who frequently travel or those who always purchases things on the Net in foreign currencies. It is free.

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